Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Conservative's Pocket Consitution

The Conservative's Pocket Consitution is now available for pre-order on Amazon!I'm very pleased and excited that this project is coming together so quickly.

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

Monday, November 8, 2010

False Social Security Numbers and Identity Theft Cost American Taxpayers Over 300 Million Dollars a Year!

In another egregious example of fraud that affects us all, The Treasury Inspector General (TIGTA) released the figures today for the fraud related to people who use false Social Security Numbers, or duplicate Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

Everyone that files a tax return must use a Social Security Number (or Tax ID number). For the majority of filers, the Tax ID Number is the individual’s Social Security Number. A Social Security Number cannot be used on more than one tax return per year. However, identity thieves, scammers, and fraudsters often file tax returns using other people's Social Security numbers, in order to receive false refunds.

This is a widespread problem, and leads to a huge amount of govenment fraud.

TIGTA estimates that individuals inappropriately received at least $380 million in tax credits in TY 2007 as a result of this fraud. A large portion of this ends up being false refunds, paid out to people that are gaming the system by using other's Social Security Numbers.

TIGTA identified false TINs were used on over 3.2 million tax returns in 2007. Over five years, erroneous exemptions and credits could exceed $1.9 billion. Almost 2 billion dollars!

The solution is simple-- when the IRS discovers that someone is using multiple Social Security Numbers, then a notice should go out immediately. The taxpayer needs to be notified that his or her Social Security Number is being used by others. In addition, the IRS should establish processes to recover the tax refunds that were erroneously paid to fraudsters who used a stolen TIN. Of course, some of these are honest errors, such as someone simply keying in the wrong number. But the majority of these instances are fraudulent, pure and simple.

The IRS response to the TIGTA report was lukewarm, at best. In its response, The IRS did not agree to expand the issuance of notices to individuals involved with multiple TIN uses. In addition, the IRS did not agree to expand its processes to recover erroneous refunds resulting from an ITIN.

Why not? Why isn't the IRS doing more to stop this type of fraud? The amount recovered by simply addressing this problem could save the IRS and individual taxpayers millions of dollars, and also help curb the rampant crime of identity theft.

The IRS needs to work with law enforcement and with taxpayers to help solve this problem, which is growing every single year. Another example of government waste that has an easy solution, if the government would just get off their high horse and fix it!

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Conservative Recipe for Fiscal Wellness

America is the greatest nation on earth. It is a country full of opportunity, promise, and diversity. This is what makes us strong. But many Americans; especially those in government, have forgotten what makes this country great. The modern fiscal Conservative grassroots movement is an indication that Americans are looking to return to a values-based nation and economy.

The direction cannot come from above. We cannot expect politicians and government leaders to do everything for us. The strength of our Conservative movement begins with the people. Everything must begin at the local level; in our own backyards. We have seen a break from traditional values; the core values that our nation was founded on. When we return to a values-based economy, this will improve all levels of business and government. Most liberals believe that it is impossible to cut government spending without compromising our safety and security. This is simply not true.

We already know that government operates inefficiently. Even worse, we know that this inefficiency leads to waste, fraud, and other abuses. To ensure the success of our economy and our growth, we must:

  • First; eliminate wasteful government spending, rampant fraud, and abuse.
  • Second; deliver small business credits, tax cuts for the middle class, and corporate tax reform to encourage more domestic business growth.
  • Third; enforce strong punishments on those who commit fraud or “cheat the system.”

I will discuss a number of examples of government fraud and waste; that, if addressed, could save American taxpayers billions of dollars a year. In some cases, the government already knows about the fraud, but is doing very little to solve the problem.

The government is doing almost nothing to solve these problems. Very little of our government spending is actually used for combating fraud and waste. Simply put: our government is just not in the business of saving money—they are in the business of spending money. This has affected everything; from business, to government, and finally, the breakdown of our local networks and family. How can we set a good example for our children when politicians and government reward those who abuse the system?

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(WWRD?) What Would Reagan Do?

Sadly, Charles Johnson, the writer of the popular conservative blog Little Green Footballs, has announced that he is leaving the movement because of what he sees as "anger and bigotry" from the right. Johnson has some pretty strong words, but the responses and comments on the blog post are very telling. Although he has received a fair share of angry comments, there are also a number of posts that ask for a return to compassionate conservatism.

I think it's a valid point. Here are some of the comments that were particularly striking:

"It used to once be called Conservatism, and we had a few leaders of the movement. We called the Goldwater, Buckley and Reagan. I'm glad they can't see this." 

"I consider myself a right-winger however I do not go so far right that would qualify me to be in that group. I am more of a Reagan Republican. Is there a place for me anywhere?"

Perhaps it's the 24-hour news cycle, or the constant one-upmanship of the news media-- always chasing the loudest fanatic or the craziest from either side, that the 99% of "normal" conservatives get forgotten or ignored. What happened to fiscal responsibility? Asking for solutions instead of screaming at one another? Peaceful disagreement, even if forceful, but still, always respectful?

Could anyone imagine Reagan putting up with the type of media circus that we deal with every day? Never.

The time is right for a new, compassionate conservative movement. A smarter movement-- one that cuts spending, government bloat and waste, and gives our American businesses a good reason to invest and employ American workers, rather than moving operations overseas, chasing cheaper labor costs at the expense of American jobs.

Everyone agrees that the bloated spending from both sides has got to stop. But we can do it without screaming at one another. We can all respect one another, and still make things work.

Ask yourselves, (WWRD?) What Would Reagan Do?

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

The New American Conservative

Conservatives in America today are engaged in an ongoing struggle to preserve the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Our Founders’ greatest fear was the creation of a powerful government that could and would take away our freedom. Is that happening today? Conservatives say yes.

The Constitution was written to ensure that the power to make and enforce laws stays in the hands of we the people: that's you and me. Yet today, more and more, laws are created and enforced by people who were not elected to office by you or me. Federal judges have power to interpret the Constitution in ways that effectively create new laws and fundamentally change the Constitution.

What do you say? Have we moved away from the dream of a just and free nation our Founders created? Are the laws governing us today different than what was originally intended by the Spirit of 1776? Have lawmakers and judges changed the U.S. Constitution? Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they were originally written and decide for yourself.

Who are we as Americans?

What makes America so special?

What laws guarantee your freedom?

You don’t need political pundits on television or politicians or judges to give you the answers to these questions. You just have to look inside yourself for the answers.

Jaime Rojas, Jr.