Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Conservative Recipe for Fiscal Wellness

America is the greatest nation on earth. It is a country full of opportunity, promise, and diversity. This is what makes us strong. But many Americans; especially those in government, have forgotten what makes this country great. The modern fiscal Conservative grassroots movement is an indication that Americans are looking to return to a values-based nation and economy.

The direction cannot come from above. We cannot expect politicians and government leaders to do everything for us. The strength of our Conservative movement begins with the people. Everything must begin at the local level; in our own backyards. We have seen a break from traditional values; the core values that our nation was founded on. When we return to a values-based economy, this will improve all levels of business and government. Most liberals believe that it is impossible to cut government spending without compromising our safety and security. This is simply not true.

We already know that government operates inefficiently. Even worse, we know that this inefficiency leads to waste, fraud, and other abuses. To ensure the success of our economy and our growth, we must:

  • First; eliminate wasteful government spending, rampant fraud, and abuse.
  • Second; deliver small business credits, tax cuts for the middle class, and corporate tax reform to encourage more domestic business growth.
  • Third; enforce strong punishments on those who commit fraud or “cheat the system.”

I will discuss a number of examples of government fraud and waste; that, if addressed, could save American taxpayers billions of dollars a year. In some cases, the government already knows about the fraud, but is doing very little to solve the problem.

The government is doing almost nothing to solve these problems. Very little of our government spending is actually used for combating fraud and waste. Simply put: our government is just not in the business of saving money—they are in the business of spending money. This has affected everything; from business, to government, and finally, the breakdown of our local networks and family. How can we set a good example for our children when politicians and government reward those who abuse the system?

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

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