Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(WWRD?) What Would Reagan Do?

Sadly, Charles Johnson, the writer of the popular conservative blog Little Green Footballs, has announced that he is leaving the movement because of what he sees as "anger and bigotry" from the right. Johnson has some pretty strong words, but the responses and comments on the blog post are very telling. Although he has received a fair share of angry comments, there are also a number of posts that ask for a return to compassionate conservatism.

I think it's a valid point. Here are some of the comments that were particularly striking:

"It used to once be called Conservatism, and we had a few leaders of the movement. We called the Goldwater, Buckley and Reagan. I'm glad they can't see this." 

"I consider myself a right-winger however I do not go so far right that would qualify me to be in that group. I am more of a Reagan Republican. Is there a place for me anywhere?"

Perhaps it's the 24-hour news cycle, or the constant one-upmanship of the news media-- always chasing the loudest fanatic or the craziest from either side, that the 99% of "normal" conservatives get forgotten or ignored. What happened to fiscal responsibility? Asking for solutions instead of screaming at one another? Peaceful disagreement, even if forceful, but still, always respectful?

Could anyone imagine Reagan putting up with the type of media circus that we deal with every day? Never.

The time is right for a new, compassionate conservative movement. A smarter movement-- one that cuts spending, government bloat and waste, and gives our American businesses a good reason to invest and employ American workers, rather than moving operations overseas, chasing cheaper labor costs at the expense of American jobs.

Everyone agrees that the bloated spending from both sides has got to stop. But we can do it without screaming at one another. We can all respect one another, and still make things work.

Ask yourselves, (WWRD?) What Would Reagan Do?

Jaime Rojas, Jr.

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